The Chimera Sequence Review (Bio-terrorism Thriller)

The Chimera Sequence

The Chimera Sequence Synopsis: Cole McBride makes a chilling discovery while investigating a mysterious disease causing the deaths of endangered mountain gorillas in war-torn central Africa. When a humanitarian aid hospital nearby diagnoses a disturbingly similar human case, the former Special Forces veterinarian knows he must figure out how to stop this outbreak from spreading–before it blows up into a global pandemic.

Halfway across the continent, a massive cargo ship moves out of Sudan’s largest port. Buried deep within its hold is one container of urgent significance for its buyer in the Persian Gulf. And back in Washington, D.C., the owner of a Lebanese restaurant a stone’s throw from the White House finds a cryptic message in the Drafts folder of his e-mail inbox.

It’s one week before Independence Day, and an unpopular president is preparing to host America’s biggest celebration in years. There’s just one small problem: he’s not the only one with plans for the holiday.

With the woman he loves sick and close to death, Cole puts his own life on the line in a race against time to discover the truth behind the outbreak’s origin–a truth that will link it to one of humanity’s most ancient plagues and threaten the very heart of America.

This is how it happened. – Goodreads

The Chimera Sequence Review

Elliot Garber does a great job of crafting a fast-paced bio-terrorism thriller in The Chimera Sequence.  He effortlessly weaves together many threads into a coherent, easy-to-read, pulse-pounding story. For a good bit of the book, especially once he hit his stride, it seemed like I was reading Crichton in his heyday. 4 Star Rated The Chimera Sequence Review

Having no background in veterinary medicine, genetics, or virology, I can’t speak for the truth or accuracy of the material contained within. I have no clue how much artistic license was used in The Chimera Sequence. However, from the little bits of knowledge I’ve gathered here and there, it sounded logical enough that I wasn’t forced to suspend disbelief at all.

I liked that he didn’t make the bad guys out to seem all bad through-and-through as is so easy for authors to do. Instead, even though you detested them, and wanted them to get caught, his writing enabled you to recognize that they were still human. That even though they hated, they plotted to destroy, they also had family and friends that they cared about. Some of them even regretted what they were doing.

I understand that since it opened in ‘report’ form, it makes sense to close it in a similar format, but, unfortunately, the epilogue was the weakest point of the whole book. It just didn’t read “real” at all, the tone coming across very conversational/dramatic instead of in the cut and dried language that you would expect. You kind of see it in prologue, especially with the last line, but you’ve forgotten about that until you hit the epilogue, and it smacks you in the face again. Now, I’m perfectly willing to admit that that may very well be how reports are written now, but it doesn’t feel real/right, and ultimately, to a reader, that’s what matters.

Overall, minus the epilogue, The Chimera Sequence is a great book from an up-and-coming novelist that I will hopefully see much more from in the future. I would definitely recommend it to people looking for something Crichton-esque.

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Title: The Chimera Sequence | Author: Elliot Garber, DVM (site) | Publisher: Osprey Press | Pub. Date: 2015-8-25 | Pages: 406 | ISBN: 9781943968008 | Genre: Thriller | Language: English | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Triggers: None | Date Read: 2015-10-9 | Source: I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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