Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead Review

Stealing Propeller Hats from the DeadStealing Propeller Hats from the Dead Synopsis: A collection of horror fiction that’s both a love letter and a middle finger to the zombie saturation of our culture. It’s the backlash to the backlash, as zombies are finally unfashionable enough to be cool again. Inside, you will rehearse end-of-the-world scenarios with the staff of a tourist trap, follow an undead love triangle struggling to survive a tipping point of post-modern, pop-culture references, and enjoy one small apocalypse after another as the living continue to adapt to a new world of the dead, where they’ll finally discover who is hungrier. Don’t let these poor souls dine in vain. -Goodreads

Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead Review

This is an almost ridiculously unbalanced collection of short stories that range from hilariously funny at times to disgusting to cheap shots that are only funny to idiots with the emotional depth of someone whose name may or may not be Kanye West. 3 Star Rated Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead Review

Greenhorns, And I’ll Scratch Yours, The World’s Second Shortest Zombie Story, and Ball Pit are all interesting, unique, and show a true talent for dark humor and unsettling imagery. Even Doppleganger Radar is interesting, if not as good as the first four. If I was going to rate based just upon these stories, Stealing Propeller Hates from the Dead would easily be a four, maybe even five, star collection.

Unfortunately, though, this collection also contained some serious stinkers. What’s Worst is nothing but an excuse to peddle cheap, completely unfunny, dead baby jokes mixed in with madness. How did the same mind that wrote Ball Pit come up with the liquifying pile of feces that is What’s Worst? Do the Munster Mash and Three Ways Without Water were pretty much the non-entities of the collection. Not horrible, not good. Just there.

Zee Bee & Bee, the longest work in this collection, needs some attention by a firm editor with a big red pen to go through and get rid of the extraneous details and dialogue that take it from potentially good to almost mind-numbingly boring. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved the first several pages of the back and forth about zombie movies, culture, etc, and some of the imagery was great and disturbing, but overall…zzzzzzzz.

Which is why, in good conscious, I can’t give this work an over-all rating of any higher than 3 out of 5. I was so excited by the first couple of stories that ending up with a rating this low is seriously disappointing.

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Title: Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead | Author: David James Keaton (site) | Publisher: Perpetual Motion Publishing (site) | Pub. Date: 2015-9-1 | Pages: 256 | ISBN: 1943720002 | Genre(s): Humor & Horror | Language: English | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Triggers: Infant Loss | Date Read: 2015-11-5 | Source: Received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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