Skycastle, the Demon, and Me Review (Kids Fantasy)

What’s it about?

Middle Grade ~ If you owe Hell gold but you can’t pay, you’re about to have a bad day!

Jack gets MUCH more than he bargained for when he orders a demon straight from the Underworld. Things go hilariously awry when the demon Brinkloven Crowley the Third, Brink for short, isn’t all what Jack expected.And when Hell comes knocking, Jack’s and Brink’s destinies are tied together in a most unexpected fashion.

WARNING…this book contains a scowling demon, bad decisions, a skeleton key, not foul but hellish language, an ordinary boy and an extraordinary castle. And a whole lot of fun. You’ve been warned.

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Skycastle, the Demon, and Me (Skycastle Series, #1)

My Review of Skycastle, the Demon, and Me

“Not foul, but hellish language” is right. If you are easily offended by the word hell or consider it a curse word for some godforsaken (heh. heh. heh.) reason, then you’ll want to avoid getting this book for your middle-grader. The word Hell is mentioned several times. As a place. Not a curse. A literal place with hell-related objects in it, like hellfire. Just sayin’. Wanted to make that very clear.

Skycastle, The Demon, and Me was a fun, quirky middle-grade read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The shenanigans that Jack gets up to are completely believable (well, other than the whole demon from Hell actually existing) of a boy his age, told with a light touch that just makes you grin. Its as if Jack and Brink are two parts of the same boy. Jack the ‘angel’ (Well, as much of an angel as a boy his age can be), and Brink the other half.

Obviously, in the course of ordering a demon, Jack learns that things like Hell’s customer service tends to suck, demons don’t do what you want them to do, and there’s this whole ‘not being able to pay for it’ thing he’s got to deal with at the same time.

The only thing I didn’t care for was it kind of sequel-baited the end because the cut off leaves you wondering why/how the thing that happened actually happened because there’s zero explanation for it. It just happens. At the same time, we got a complete mini-adventure in the 106 pages, so I’m not going to gripe too much.

This would be a perfect read to intrigue a young kid who isn’t quite into reading who may like the idea of getting to read something a bit ‘naughty’.

4 Star Rating

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Title: Skycastle, The Demon, and Me | Series: Skycastle (bk 1) | Author: Andy Mulberry (site) | Publisher: Paw! Print Press | Pub. Date: 2014-3-1 | Pages: 106  | Genre: Children’s Fiction | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Age Appropriate: 6-13 | Date Read: 2016-1-9 | Source: Received a copy free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

8 thoughts on “Skycastle, the Demon, and Me Review (Kids Fantasy)

  1. Love the sound of this one – I think I’ll get it for my son! He loves to read, but struggles with dyslexia, so I’m always looking for something short and action-packed for him. Great recommendation!

    1. How old is he? Does he like graphic novels? I highly recommend this one, of course, but something like Kung Pow Chicken – Bok Bok Boom might be good for him too. As just an easy fun read.

      1. He is 11, loves graphic novels – we live right down the street from a comic book store, they know us well there! He is reading the Wimpy Kid series right now, and loves it. I’ll look at Kung Pow Chicken, thanks!

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