A Review of Apocalypse Disrupted by Timothy Freriks

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In this political thriller, Robert Curry is unexpectedly put in a position to save the world from imminent nuclear destruction. Given the task of returning to the past and rewriting history, he must first gain enough financial and political power to be able to prevent the series of accidents and manipulations that led to the apocalypse. But he isn’t the only power trying to affect the outcome. In an epic battle, competing energies of cosmic strengths collide in a complex and electrifying weave of plot twists and turns. This wild ride finally explodes in a climax you will not see coming.

                                           -Goodreads Synopsis

My Review of Apocalypse Disrupted

As a shameless fan-fiction reader, I was intrigued to see one of the go-to fan-fiction plots in an actual book. Intrigued, and happy. Because its a popular go-to plot for a reason. Who doesn’t want a chance to make things right? The only other book I can think of that does something similar is 11/22/63, and – I’m quite happy to report – this book is nowhere near as long as that monster. Less than half the length, actually.4 Star Rating

The first quarter of the book is solid, interesting, and tension-filled. The middle of the book, however, wavers. I wouldn’t quite call it a continued case of info-dump, but it is close. The author seems to revel in giving the minutae, laying out every thought and move of our protagonist as it happens, and it swiftly just becomes too much. Show, don’t tell, gets thrown by the wayside. I struggled to get through this part. Some readers may really enjoy it, but for someone who has never enjoyed the minutae (whether it be in fantasy world-building or otherwise) it was extremely difficult for me to get through. (I’ve been told that since I posted this review, the author took the critique to heart and slimmed it down a bit.)

Now, with that being said, I’m happy to report the last quarter of the book picked back up dramatically. It returned me to the tension-filled state where I was constantly wondering how things were going to end. It was twist and turn after twist and turn. Freriks’ strength, lays, in the area of political thrillers, and I found myself enjoying that aspect of this book the most. Also, just like the synopsis above states: I did not see the end coming. Came completely out of left field.

Overall, Apocalypse Disrupted (formerly known as Renaissance) is an interesting premise that melds two genres you really wouldn’t ever expect to mix. The story stimulates the imagination, and it has unexpected twists that really will keep you guessing, but it could benefit from some a good infusion of show-not-tell or at least just flat-out leaving a few things up to the readers imagination.

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Title: Renaissance | Author: Timothy Freriks | Publisher: CreateSpace | Pub. Date: 2015-8-24 | Pages: 417 | ISBN13: 9781514119372 | Genre: Thriller | Language: English | Triggers: | Rating: | Date Read: 2015-11-18 | Source: Received a copy free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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