Out of Body Review (Paranormal Horror)

Out of BodyOut of Body Synopsis: Harley Baker’s obsession with the afterlife leads him to experiment with astral projection, but when he doesn’t take the necessary precautions before an OBE, he comes back to find that a demon has taken over his body. While in spirit form, Harley watches the impostor romance the girl he’s crushing on, ace his college exams, and impress his best friend with opportunities for wealth beyond his wildest dreams. Not only does Harley have to figure out how to get his body back before he’s trapped in the astral plane forever, but he has to stop the demon from a plan that will veil the world in darkness and enslave the human race. – Goodreads


Out of Body Review

Out of Body is a solid piece of work with an nontraditional ending. I love books that fly in the face of what’s expected and wrap up in a way that, even if it is possibly paving the way for a sequel, still leaves you feeling satisfied.  4 Star Rated Review

I would classify this book as a supernatural thriller more-so than a horror. I’m not religious, so nothing about this book was scary to me on any level. It just utilizes traditional elements from Christian and other spiritual beliefs to carry the story along. Chater does a good job at telling a fast-paced story that is, at its heart, an age-old warning that actions have consequences re-told in modern terms.

Interesting, well-written, with no major errors or plot-holes to speak of, Out of Body was a fun read that I would definitely recommend if you like tales with a supernatural bent to them.

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Title: Out of Body | Author: Christopher Chater (site) | Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2015-8-15 | Pages: 172 | ASIN: B013ZEPX2C | Genre: horror | Language: English| Rating:  4 of 5 | Triggers: None  | Date Read: 2015-11-9 | Source: Received a copy free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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