A Review of Hell Bound by Andrew P. Weston

What’s it about?

“In hell, none of the condemned believes they deserve to be there. And that’s fine, so long as they’re not foolish enough to try and do anything about it. For those that do, there’s always Satan’s Reaper–and chief bounty hunter–Daemon Grim.

 Feared throughout the many layers of the underverse, no one in their right mind dares to cross him. However, when Grim discovers that someone has attempted to evade injustice, and seems hell-bent on gaining access to ancient angelic artifacts proscribed since the time of the original rebellion in heaven, circumstances point to the fact they may be doing just that.

The question is…why?

Thus begins an investigation that leads Grim throughout the many contradictory and baffling levels of the underworld, where he unearths a conspiracy that is not only eating its way like a cancer through the highest echelons of Hellion society, but one which threatens the very stability of Satan’s rule. As you can imagine, Grim’s response is bloody, brutal, and despicably wicked.

Hell Bound – In hell, everyone can hear you scream…” -Synopsis from Perseid Press

My Review of Hell Bound

For a book about Hell, demons, and very bad things, this book was beautifully written. There were times when I would re-read a section just because it was so evocative. Of course, a bit of that is cancelled out by the silly obvious knock-off Hell names of things like “Spirit Hextel Blacktooth” phone but…eh. Give a little, take a little. Some of them provided an unexpected chuckle, anyways (Al Catraz, Notre Damned, etc).4 Star Rating

There’s one scene in particular where the ‘hero’ has a chance to rescue a female, but he stays true to his hellish form and leaves her to be killed. This was awesome, because I could see the direction the story was going in already, so for him to still casually leave someone to their death meant that I started thinking maybe I was in for something a little bit different.

The main bad guy is someone you’ll recognize if you know your London history.  Also, two of the names of his compatriots took me by surprise. The author writes well enough, though, that it works and gives the book a bit of grounding that keeps it from becoming absurdly fantastical.

I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did. It, again, was beautifully written. The inclusion of real people (by name and basic bio at least) was interesting. The action was not bad at all. Unfortunately, I found it impossible to care for any of the characters. Also, the snarkily named things were amusing sometimes , but sometimes it was just a case of “…really?” followed by a sigh. Now, in the author’s defense, I’ve never read anything by him or anything set in this ‘shared universe’, so for all I know, those are names of things that have already been established in the universe and are not his fault.

The one thing I definitely did not like was that it was way , way too easy to figure out what was going on with the Reaper. The hints dropped made it extremely obvious, and therefore I think the ending was definitely a it lackluster for me because of that.

Best “afraid to trust a fart” line I’ve ever read. Also, some other zingers of insults that just made me cackle.

Overall: Hell Bound was an interesting book that I would recommend to others (with the addendum that it may not be for everyone). It also has made me curious to read more by this author, and also more in this ‘shared universe’.

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Title: Hell Bound | Author: Andrew P. Weston (site) | Publisher: Perseid Press (site) | Publication Date: 2015-10-31 | Pages: 362 | ISBN13: 9780996428965 | Genre: Fantasy | Language: English | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Triggers: None | Source: Received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Thank you – Love the review, and welcome to the world of the shared universe.
    It’s quite a challenge to ‘fit’ into an already established playground and its rules, but a fun way to let rip in unexpected directions.
    Much appreciated….
    Andrew 🙂

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