Fourteen Days Review (Paranormal Horror)

Fourteen DaysFourteen Days Synopsis: Workaholic developer Richard Gardener is laid up at home for two week’s mandatory leave—doctor’s orders. No stress. No computers. Just fourteen days of complete rest. Bliss for most, but hell for Richard… in more ways than one.

There’s a darkness that lives inside Richard’s home; a presence he never knew existed because he was seldom there alone. Did he just imagine those footsteps? The smoke alarm shrieking? The woman in his kitchen?

His wife thinks he’s just suffering from work withdrawal, but as the days crawl by in his solitary confinement, the terror seeping through the walls continues to escalate—threatening his health, his marriage, and his sanity.

When the inconceivable can no longer be denied, Richard is forced to come to terms with what is happening. Can he find a way to banish the darkness before he becomes an exile in his own home? – Goodreads


Fourteen Days Review

This is the first book I’ve read by Steven Jenkins, and it was good enough that he’s going on my list of Authors I Want to Read More Of.  Mr. Jenkins does a fantastic job of building up the tension within a short amount of time. His characters are believable, he doesn’t try to do too much with what he has, and the pacing is dead-on (pardon the pun.) It is an excellent ghost story and a great way to be introduced to this author. 4 Star Rated Fourteen Days Review

There were literally only two things that bothered me about the author’s writing. Firstly, he tends to use the same descriptors again, instead of consulting the local thesaurus. (Its not horrible, but definitely present.) Secondly, and this is really just personal opinion… I didn’t like the epilogue. I thought that the end of the last chapter was perfect. It left just enough open to keep you wondering what was going on. It was a strong note to end on. Then, however, he had to go and tidy things up with his epilogue.

Ah well. When your only picks are things that minor, you know you’ve read a good book. I would definitely read more from this author!

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Title: Fourteen Days | Author: Steven Jenkins (site) | Publisher: Barking Rain Press (site)| Publication Date: 2014-7-14 | Pages: 192  | ISBN: 1941295118 | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Triggers: Stillbirth, Death during pregnancy, kidnapping | Date Read: 2015-9-23 | Source: Copy from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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