A Review of Dreams of Beautiful Whisper by Tanya Jones

What’s it about?

Amanda is 15 years old when her parents decide, without explaining why, to completely uproot her life. Soon she’s introduced to relatives she didn’t know she had, abilities she thought were fantasy, and a boy that she’s met before…once upon a dream.

Then, of course, there’s the missing girl. The evil dude. The hormones. You know, just your average teenage girl’s life. Or not.


My Review of Dreams of Beautiful Whisper

This book  is outside the normal realm of what I enjoy. Very rarely do I get the urge to read one, so, when I was approached to read Dreams of Beautiful Whisper, I was a bit apprehensive. However, I needed a palate cleanser, so I decided to give it a go. When it came to writing this review, I tried to be as objective as possible because of that.3 Star Rating

Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is “light” YA compared to what I’ve been reading lately. The pacing was fine and the premise was interesting. The author’s definition of Elves is somewhat atypical, which was a nice turn, though many traditional elements are included. I enjoyed that there were layers to the story, and unexpected depths to some of the characters. There would be times when I would be eye-rolling, thinking “Well, that was just what I expected” for the person to do something unexpected but totally fitting. At just under 300 pages, it is the perfect size for a trilogy’s first book.

There were elements of it I did not like, such as (and probably the biggest) the love triangle trope. I detest love triangles. They’re completely unnecessary and provide unrealistic expectations to the young girls (and guys) reading the stories.

The dialogue was, at times, stilted, and more than once I found myself growling that “Nobody actually talks like that!” It got better over the course of the book, until at the end I barely noticed it, but it definitely jerked me out of the story several times in the beginning.

My third issue was that, quite simply, there were cases where the author spent a bit too long on a scene and also had semi-monologues that went on for quite a ….while. I would hit a wall of dialogue, my brain would disengage, and I’d skim. I’ll admit to it.

Final thoughts:  Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is not bad, but its not as good as it could be. Hopefully in the next book, the author will correct some of the mistakes found this one (commas, please!), and hit her stride with the trilogy. I will abstain from reading more in the series, but its not a fault of the author. Simply an acknowledgement from me that I can’t easily review a book from a genre that I don’t particularly enjoy.

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Title: Dreams of Beautiful Whisper | Series: Elves of Eytherfel | Author:Tanya Jones (site) | Publisher:Morgan Books (site) | Publication Date: 2015-4-29 |  Pages: 202 | ISBN: 9780973495812 | Genre: Young Adult&Fantasy | Language: English | Rating:3 out of 5 | Triggers: Child Abduction | Date Read: 2015-9-18 | Source: Kindle Unlimited

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