Book Review: Dogtology by J. Lazarus

What’s it about?

Dogs, the people that love them (dogtologists), and making us laugh while getting us to recognize how sometimes our obsession borders on religious fervor.

What did I think of it?

Dogtology is a great afternoon read. Its guaranteed to make you smile more than a few times, outright snicker at least once or twice, and yet still manages to actually make you stop and think occasionally. (One that made me literally snort was an unexpected “and since man is the ultimate tool”.)

The author couches many relevant points about humans obsession with dogs in ways that make it almost impossible to take offense, even as you note the truth of them. (Especially so in the chapter about things we buy our dogs.) There were a few times where I found myself rolling my eyes at something because of the way it was phrased, but then stopping and thinking “Hey….wait…that is a good point.”

It is a little too long, I was ready to be done reading it about 20 pages before it was done. While most of what the author writes did have me at least smiling, occasionally he just tried a bit too hard to be funny.

Overall: Well-written with several good points to ponder, and the issues it does have are negligible and could be simply because this reviewer is not (Dog forgive me!) a Dogtologist (at least not yet).

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Title: Dogtology | Author: Jeff Lazarus (site) | Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press (site) | Publication Date: 2015-6-2 | Pages: 192 | ISBN13: 9781626341388 | Genre: Humor | Language: English | Triggers: None, unless you’re a cat. | Date Read: 2015-9-3 | Source: Received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Dogtology even has its own little website ( where you can go learn more about Dogtology and buy the book if you are so inclined!