Deeper and Deeper (Paranormal Mystery)

Deeper and DeeperDeeper and Deeper Synopsis: After he died, Jamie just wasn’t himself. While pursuing gangbangers, Jamie Giles’ squad car veered off the road, killing him. But then something odd happened. He came back to life. Now he has a relationship problem-with a sinister presence that is inhabiting his body. Hidden deep inside his consciousness are secrets that are taking over his life and attracting the wrong kind of company. He has only a few days left to get to the bottom of it. He’ll have to go deeper and deeper to figure it out. Trouble is, the only solution may for him to die again. –Goodreads


Deeper and Deeper Review

The author, Gary Lindberg, definitely has talent. That much is obvious. The plot he created in Deeper and Deeper was definitely not what I was expecting, and his action scenes were delightfully frequent and smooth. When a book opens with a drive-by shooting, you get the feeling that you’re in for a ride. In the case of this book, that feeling would definitely be right.3 Star Rated Deeper and Deeper Review

In fact, that’s actually one of the problems with the book. Time seems to skip forward too fast. I found parts where I went back and re-read, thinking “Surely, I had to miss something. There’s no way I missed…” but I didn’t miss it, the author just hadn’t included it. Now, in some cases, that’s fine. I’ve long said I’m one of those readers that likes to be given “just enough” to tell the story, but I honestly felt disjointed reading this book, because it was like I was missing pages. However, that could well be what the author intended! Maybe because the main character is frequently disoriented, he wants us to be too. In that case, I say Mission Accomplished, Sir!

My other pet peeve was the overly sensual language that peppered the book. It wasn’t necessary, and its net effect was me simply rolling my eyes. This type of book did not need that type of writing. At all.

With that being said, though, Lindberg is not off my list of writers I’ll read again. I do think, however, I’ll be a bit more choosy about what I get from him. His characters are unique. His prose, for the most part, is fine, and I liked the unique twists I encountered reading Deeper and Deeper.

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Title: Deeper and Deeper | Author: Gary Lindberg (site) | Publisher: Calumet Editions (site) | Publication Date: 2014-2-21 | Pages: 288 | ISBN: 1939548098 | Genre(s): Action – Mystery- Paranormal | Language: English | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Triggers: Marital Rape | Date Read: 2015-9-25 | Source: Kindle Unlimited

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