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Not just your garden-variety zombie apocalypse… “It was a week ago when it happened. Exactly a week when I heard the stomping on the front porch. I remember it sounded like someone was drunk. I opened the door and it was my neighbor. She lunged at me.” Oz, a former professor driven to the brink of madness by a tragedy he cannot face, begins to notice that the people around him are acting strangely. They’re eating each other. And they’re scraping at his door.

Fleeing south, Oz and a motley crew of survivors begin to notice that this isn’t the zombie apocalypse they’d seen in countless movies and books. These creatures seem somehow ‘closer’ to the Earth, yet, perversely, somehow deader, less human, than even zombies are meant to be. The creatures are transfixed by the Sun, and they transform, their faces peeling back in short tentacles until they uncannily resemble flowers. And these zombies can’t be stopped. Hack off a limb or a head and it re-joins or just grows back, like the toughest plants. The Dead have a global leader, a purpose – beyond that of just eating any remaining humans. And the seven survivors, led reluctantly by Oz, discover that they have a central role to play in the macabre new order of ‘life’ on Earth. Dead Petals is a different species of zombie tale. Apocalypse, Rapture and the transformation of reality, all sprouting from the same seed. – Goodreads Synopsis


Dead Petals Review

Dead Petals has potential. A group leader who isn’t all “Yessss, we must stick together!” and has no desire to be an action hero. The other characters acted just as crazy as you’d expect people to act if the feces ever actually hit the fan. Some of the characters were just amusingly weird in general. The author’s view on zombies was unique and extremely interesting. He also has a serious ability for poetic descriptions.2 Star Rated Dead Petals Review

Unfortunately, those are the only positives I can use to describe the story. The writing just could not carry the plot. That’s as nicely as I can put it. I constantly found myself backtracking to see what I’d missed, and even wondering at parts if the bad formatting of the e-book I’d received meant that I was actually missing pages of text. No, as it turns out the pages were there, the writing was just that choppy.

It’s like the writer wrote down individual scenes as they entered his head, but then never went back through them and included the parts needed to make them a cohesive whole. So you have this constant feeling of jumping around, along with sections that make you wonder exactly when the characters made that left turn at Albuquerque as it tries to trek into the metaphysical.

Again, this book has potential; however, in order to reach it, it desperately needs several sessions with an exacting editor and the author has to be willing to flesh it out more. Without those two things, this book will never be what it could be.

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Title: Dead Petals | Author:  Eric Ortlund (site) | Publisher: Fingerpress(site) | Publication Date: 2013-3-30  |  Pages: 362 | ISBN: 1908824298 | Genre: Science Fiction & Horror | Language: English | Rating: 2 out of 5| Triggers: None |Date Read: 2015-9-14 | Source: Received a free Netgalley copy in exchange for an honest review.

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