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Bleed Synopsis: LIFE IS A NIGHTMARE for Miranda. Without knowing when or why, blood oozes from her palms – an anomaly that makes her feel like a freak. But her abnormality is now the least of her worries. She’s just enrolled at “Suicide High.” Three deaths in three months – one occurring just days before her arrival.

When she bumps into a cute boy named Jake, things don’t appear so glum. Especially since Jake’s a psychic who can predict the immediate future. But his gift of sight can’t prepare her for the horrors that await.

Through Jake, Miranda meets three other extraordinary students:

Topher – who can heal by touch.

Sam – who eats the sins of the dead.

And Xyan – who speaks and understands all languages.

It’s then that Miranda learns the secret behind why she bleeds.

When it becomes evident that supernatural forces are at play, the five determined friends team up. Now it’s up to them to destroy the evil infecting their school. – Goodreads



Bleed Review

I must say that Bleed definitely one of the most jolting opening scenes I’ve ever read. The author is clearly unafraid to tackle unpopular issues – but ones that do need to be addressed – head on.  4 Star Rated Bleed Review

Bleed reads fast, with the smallest of breaks in between tragedy, action, or discovery. You never really know much about the characters, but you find out swiftly that you don’t need to. They aren’t cardboard cutouts, they just aren’t super fleshed-out. This is one of those times when everything, even a character’s personal development, takes a backseat to the plot. Its a good thing. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it makes for a dizzying, yet great, read.

A group of high-schoolers drawn together, each with their own problems, find themselves sucked into a battle they’d never thought in a million years that they’d be fighting. Each of them find the unspoken acceptance they never thought they’d find if anyone outside their families knew their secret. Their ringleader, the psychic, is a born leader, and naturally accepting of everyone else’s quirks, and that sets the tone for how the group operates.

Probably the strangest thing about the relationships in this book were that the parental figures who knew what was going on with their children were mostly accepting of their unique abilities. Realistically, you know that’s never how its going to go down, but that’s what’s nice about a book. In your imagination (the author’s, in this case) anything can happen, and that’s perfectly fine.

Bleed was a great read with some truly memorable scenes. Good enough that it made #8 on my Top Ten “Sci-Fi & Scary Reads of 2015”, and I look forward to possibly reading more from Dax Varley in the future.

Side Note: Formatting’s a little funky in the .epub, but nothing highly bothersome.

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Title: Bleed | Author: Dax Varley | Publisher: Garden Gate Press | Publication Date: 2015-9-1 | Pages: 227 | ASIN: B013KTZF66 | Genre: Supernatural & Horror | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Language: English |  Triggers: Suicide | Date Read: 2015-10-4 | Source: Received a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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