Book Banning: I just can’t handle The Stupid


I walked into my local Half-Price Books, and saw this wonderful display. Naturally, I was curious, so I wandered over and started checking out the explanations on why certain books had been banned.

By the time I was done looking, I was literally shaking my head and moaning “Oh my god. The stupid. I can’t handle the stupid.” So, naturally I came home and started browsing the web, looking for sources for some of the most ridiculous ones to present to you! Note: Most of these bans are not in place anymore, but they were just so stinkin’ stupid I had to share!

1.) Fahrenheit 451 was banned for swearing and “questionable themes” – ’cause, y’know, banning a book about book-banning is about as #THESTUPID as you can possibly get.

2.) In the Night Kitchen (by the same author who wrote Where the Wild Things Are (another frequently challenged book)) was banned because of a drawing of a baby that included its boy bits.  ….cause, y’know, everyone KNOWS that seeing a baby’s boy bits will incite you to pedophilia, pornography, and all sorts of dark, nasty thoughts.

3.) Little Red Riding Hood was banned for depictions of animal cruelty, child neglect, people getting eaten, Red having a bottle of wine in her basket. The important crap, people. THE. IMPORTANT. CRAP!

4.)  Where’s Waldo was banned because of…side boob. That’s right, ladies and gents. SIDE. BOOB.

5.) The Diary of Anne Frank was banned for being too depressing. ’cause everyone knows the holocaust was all smiles and fluffy fucking bunnies of course!

Bonus50 Shades Trilogy was banned in Malaysia ” for containing “sadistic” material and “threat to morality”” . I mean, I completely agree these books should be banned… but for a good reason. That reason being that they’re just. that. horribly. written.

In closing…

People. Freaking. Scare. Me!!


3 thoughts on “Book Banning: I just can’t handle The Stupid

  1. Yeah, it’s like Lady Chatterly’s Lover being banned. I mean I know it was the 1920’s, but Jesus, if that book is sordid, even by 1920’s standards, then War and Peace is nice quick read.

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