Blooded: Droplets of Horror #1

Blooded: Droplets of Horror

Welcome to Blooded: Droplets of Horror.

Blooded is an experimental new feature on Sci-Fi & Scary that bloggers, readers, and authors are welcome to participate in. Consider this an open call for submissions in flash fiction horror.

Choose from one of the three sentence fragments below.  Write 100 words or less, including the sentence fragment,  in the horror genre.  Post it in the comments below. This will happen every 2 weeks. Feel free to compliment each other, ask questions, etc, but don’t be a jerk. My ban hammer is a mighty hammer.

At the end of every month, I’ll feature the best of the lot in a Blooded mini-compilation with links to the appropriate websites/blog sites for those featured.  If this takes off, and becomes a popular happening, I’ll do a best-of-the-best compilation in every June.

Starting you off easy this time!

Droplet 1:

breath fogged

Droplet 2:

fingernails scraped

Droplet 3:

malicious smirk


So, hop to it! Show me your scary side, in 100 words or less, in the comments below.

Entries will close Saturday, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

And, just because I firmly believe in CYA, folks, remember that by posting your piece of flash fiction in the comments below, you’re granting Sci-Fi & Scary the rights to reprint/re-use digitally (for compilations on site or in upcoming newsletter) free of charge. If at any point you don’t wish for your entry to be included in any lists or compilations on the site, just let me know via an email to, and I’ll yank it. 

PS: Don’t freak out if your post doesn’t immediately show in the comments. I keep a tight rein on the comments, and have to approve most things before they ‘show up’.


7 thoughts on “Blooded: Droplets of Horror #1

  1. Her fingernails scraped against his cheek. Next time, do the arms first. He snatched her arm and, pinning it beneath his knee, began to sever it just below the elbow. The now quadruple amputee flailed her stumps as if she were making a snow angel. He fitted the prosthetic limbs onto her and flipped her over to see if she could stand. She wobbled a moment before balancing on her brand new hooves. Tears and snot ran down her face, coating the gag bit in her mouth.
    “My little pony.” He smiled as he placed the saddle on her back.

  2. Fun idea. Apologies in advance. Everything leads me down the path to monster porn 🙂

    Casey’s breath fogged the mirror as she leaned in closer to get a better look at the bloody itch on her neck.

    Damn Mitchell. He’d marked her again, the insecure prick. She was still healing from the last time his fingernails scraped the shit out of her back. Last night was a mistake and now she was paying for it with this infernal itch.

    As she peered closer, she thought saw something with tiny tentacles burrowing its way out of her body and, holy hell, every touch of those little suckers caused a ripple of pleasure to rush through her entire being even as it was taking her flesh along with it. . .

  3. I’m going to do one just ’cause I can. Lets see…

    The little girl’s breath fogged suddenly as she sat playing. “Hi, mummy.” She said sweetly. She smiled at her mother as the woman padded barefoot from the direction of the bedroom door and sat on the rug in front of her. “Will you play with me today?” Her mommy hadn’t played with her since that day everybody cried. The day she turned invisible to everyone except Kady.

    After a moment without response, the flaxen-haired child sighed and asked a different question. “When is daddy going to take a bath? He’s getting really, really stinky.”

    Her mommy’s grin was scary.

  4. “Oh my Goodness, Miss Plumtartt, I don’t think that there malicious smirk suits you at all, Ma’am. Why don’t you put your clothes back on and settle down? Your accidental injection of that experimental mutagen laden mood enhancement serum don’t seem to be doing you no good at all.”

    “Ridiculous, Ichabod, my pet. I have never felt better in my life. My prudish restrains fall away like these silken undergarments from my ivory flesh. Now quit being so obstinate, and release those suspenders. One requires access to these trousers forward portal, eh hem?”

    “Eek! Miss Plumtartt! Noooooooo!!!”

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