Asylum Review (Ghost Story Horror)

Title: Asylum | Series: Affterlife Investigations Trilogy | Author: Ambrose Ibsen | Pub Date: 2017-6-4 | Pages: 232 | ASIN: B072QBDSQ9 | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Kinde Unlimited.


What lurks within Chaythe Asylum?
College professor Stephen Barlow needs cash. Badly. When a student asks him to head a new campus organization that centers around paranormal research, he puts his skepticism aside and signs on in the hopes of scoring a fat bonus.

Enter Chaythe Asylum—a long-shuttered and controversial institution where patients were allegedly subjected to unethical experiments. Closed in 1989 after a series of grisly murders, Stephen deems the old building as good a place as any to explore the possibility of the supernatural and arranges to take a tour with his students.

But it turns out that the asylum is not as abandoned as it seems. There is something sinister in the building. It has watched and waited for nearly three decades, and when Stephen and his students enter, they find themselves at the center of a nightmare 28 years in the making.

ASYLUM is the first novel in the Afterlife Investigations trilogy.

Book cover for Asylum


Asylum was a fairly typical story, but that didn’t keep it from being entertaining. I mean, you know from the first line of the synopsis alone that at some point scary stuff is going to happen. “What lurks within Chaythe Asylum?” tells you everything. So you buckle up, and settle down in preparation to hopefully get the crap scared out of you. And I nearly did get the crap scared out of me. By the end of the novel, I had assumed the ‘scared little bookworm’ position on my couch. Even as I was eagerly reading, I was thanking all things winged and tentacly that it was still light outside. 

The only real problem i had with it was that Aslyum was definitely a slow burn story. You are just past the fifty percent point before they even get inside the Asylum. However, it’s still not an easy book to walk away from. I think this slow-burn is probably what contributed to me getting as happily scared as I did at the end. The other problem was a simple one. I wanted to smack the ever-lovin Cthulhu out of both Jake and Elizabeth. Especially the snotty little twit who was too curious for her own good! Seriously, she exhibited a complete lack of common sense. Had this been a horror movie, she’d have been voted “First to die”!

The dialogue is okay, the action (once it gets going) in Asylum is great. Ambrose Ibsen exhibits his usual talent for telling a solid story here. In terms of ‘scare factor’, Aslyum is probably the best one I’ve read from him. I think the line below is where I truly gave in to the “Okay, yep, this is getting freaky.”

“The whispers I’d heard hadn’t been coming from the phone at all, but from the other side of that counter… ” Asylum, by Ambrose Ibsen

I think the scare factor comes from his ability to make you instantly visualize the creepiest part of some of the ‘haunted house’ type movies you’ve ever seen.

If you’re a fan of Ambrose Ibsen, I think Asylum is a must read for you then. And if you like a good ‘ghost story’, you definitely need to check it out. It’s quick and creepy, but without extreme amounts of violence or gore. (Which probably makes the few scenes containing it that much worse!)


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