Analogue Review

Analogue ReviewAnalogue Synopsis: Psychedelic drugs being used to treat anxiety and depression? Yes, at a select Nevada hospice where legally-sanctioned LSD is employed as a compassionate treatment for terminally-ill patients. But when a variant (or analogue) of standard LSD is introduced at the facility, unexpected consequences emerge.

Plot threads interweave between the hospice and the university that furnishes the drug and between two patients with inoperable brain tumors: Garrett Wayley, a chemistry grad student, and Nick Farris, a San Diego police detective. When their brain tumors mysteriously improve after LSD psychotherapy, they find their lives may suddenly and inexplicably be handed back to them. But at what cost? A disturbing side effect may be along for the ride and how each man handles it makes all the difference. – Goodreads


Analogue Review

The root of the Analogue story was very interesting. Quite honestly, I’d had no clue that LSD as a treatment was even a thing at any point. So, when I looked it up and discovered it was, I was quite surprised. Not only was it a thing, but apparently there’s a been a push to try to make it happen again. I say anything that can ease a terminally ill patient’s last days are a good thing. So, hey, go for it! ………as long as it doesn’t turn out like it did in Analogue. FDA guidelines and testing are in place for a reason. 3 Star Rated Review

Analogue was basically well-written, but it never quite ‘gelled’ for me. One of the major issues I had was feeling like everything was rushed/glossed over. For me to believe that something can do what this LSD analogue did, I need a little bit more than what I was given. It is a given that drugs can alter a person’s brain chemistry and cause unusual behaviors, true. But I believe this generally temporary. So to tell me it’s a seemingly permanent change that started happening almost immediately, I need a little more ‘sell’.

The other problem is that I could never quite get wrapped up in the Wayley/Farris cat-and-mouse that happened. It was mildly interesting, but never more than that. I think there was more potential for a thrilling read if it had concentrated more on Farris and the third patient.  I did think it was interesting that we were given three different outcomes in the three patients, but overall the exploration of the subject was just too ‘lite’ to ever grab and hold my attention.

Not a bad book, but it just wasn’t the type that you could sink your teeth into. However, if you prefer something a bit easier to read, Analogue is available on Amazon.

Title: Analogue | Author: Jack Rohrer | Publisher: Finest City Press | Pub. Date: 2016-1-8 | Pages: 261 | ASIN: B01ACTBNWM | Genre: Thriller | Language: English | Triggers: Terminal Illness | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-7-4 | Source: Received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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