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Welcome to Sci-Fi & Scary! Originally ran by just one brave, strong/crazy female (and her pint-sized helper), Sci-Fi & Scary provides reviews of Science Fiction and Horror novels at least three times a week. Kids books are reviewed every Saturday! And guest posts are always welcome (as long as they’re genre related!)

Did you notice I said “Originally ran”? That’s because, starting Jan 1, 2017, there will be two people hosting the site. Lilyn G. invited GracieKat to join the Sci-Fi & Scary team.

About Your Hosts:

Lilyn G., a female with a serious love of horror and “hard” science fiction.  Also has an almost obscene love for bad puns.  By 12/27/2016, I’d read 362 books. Yes, you read that right. My goal for next year is to actually read LESS. (How many people can say that?) I want to only hit 250 books for 2017.

So, you could say: I Read. A Lot.

I also have a full-time job, and a kid with an incurable, eventually terminal illness. On top of that, I have severe PTSD, Aspergers, and insomnia.

My Saturday reviews are sometimes aided by the mini-me.

Picture of Miss L - The Mini Reviewer for the About Sci-Fi and Scary Page
Miss L the Mini-Reviewer

Miss L is (as of March 2016) now 7 years old. She reads at a fourth-grade level. She has her own occasional reviews on Kids’ Corner Saturdays. She is frequently peering over my shoulder, giving her input, asking me what I’m reading, etc. I treat her like a little adult, and the payoff is having a young child with some surprising insights and a serious book fetish as a result.

GracieKat is another female with a serious love of horror. She says  I’ve been into horror since I was ten years old and my mom gave me Skeleton Crew to read. Since then I’ve been in love with the horror genre ever since.  I love its twists and turns, it’s ability to bleed into different genres (sorry, couldn’t resist, puns are my second language) and it’s ability to blend the real with the fantastic.I’m also into gaming. Especially horror. I love the Silent Hill series and the Fatal Frame series. I mostly played console but I’ve been branching out into PC gaming since the horror pickings on console have been pretty slim lately.

We are committed to giving the readers bluntly honest reviews of Science Fiction and Horror.  The only time you may see something different is when a book crosses genre lines. This will be primarily evident in acceptance of dark fantasy as the line between it and horror is almost too blurred to see at all at times. 

Every Saturday is Kids’ Corner day, where attention is given solely to kids books and other issues pertaining to kids literacy.

If you tweet, you can follow @scifiandscary or @graciekat13. While we do NOT take book review requests via Twitter, feel free to hit us up to chat about books or movies!

Also, you can find us on Facebook. We share Fort Bookworm with Allie from Allie’s Opinions .

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Please note that while we do our best to run Sci-Fi & Scary professionally, we are not paid book reviewers. This is a hobby done for pleasure alone. Any money that we make via advertising and proofreading go to paying maintenance, hosting, and domain fees for the site.

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  1. I’m about a week behind on reading blogs, but I’ve run into a problem, Lilyn: all your posts are coming up with a “Loading . . . ” message underneath “Like this:” (the phrase, not the button). The “Like” button is not appearing. So I can’t “like” anything. This does not seem to be the case with other blogs I’m catching up on. On the other hand, for all I know, the problem could be me. But I figured I’d better let you know.

          1. Cache clearing doesn’t do it. But it may be something with my browser and the new plug-in that will go away when I reboot in the morning. I’ll check back then. Sorry for the bother if it turns out to be just my problem!

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  3. Hello! Just noticed that you have followed my journalism blog (thank you!) where I post my work, and I was wondering if you’d be more interested in following my book blog, since you have one yourself? I had a bit of a mix up with which blog my comments would send people to, as I’d prefer them to go to my book blog, but hopefully that’s sorted now. To find it, either click my name or this link:
    And if not, then that’s fine, and thank you for following my other blog!
    Your posts look great, and I am looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  4. Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my blog today—it brought me to your neat blog! 🙂 I don’t read as many sci-fi or thriller books as I would like, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing what books you recommend and review.
    ~Analee @ Book Snacks

            1. I have a (audio) book for the car, a book for downtime at work, and generally 2 books for reading before bed in case one of them is boring me. Somewhere along the line I lost the ability to read one book at a time. My brain is too scattered. -.-

                1. Its only good as long as you’re reading distinctly different books. I try to carefully avoiding reading two books at the same time who have characters with names that are even faintly similar.

  5. Because, I too, have a first grader. Have you seen “The Book With No Pictures”? I read it to the class and they LOVED it. It’s a must read around here. Thank you for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours!

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