A PSA about your kitty litter


I love my cats. Well, no, I like my cats. Most of the time. Sometimes I love them. I think. Anyways…

Posey (the one in the front) we got when a lady was desperately trying to ramp down on the number of cats she had. He’s a (fat!) lovebug who is happy to lay around lazily and snuggle up with the German Shepherd. He’s the healthy kitty of the bunch.

Ginger (the one in the back) was our second acquisition. We got Ginger from a shelter, where she’d already been returned once because “she was too much work.” Ginger has badly deformed kidneys.  There’s nothing that can be done for her. They told us she might live a year or ten before her kidneys give out. No one knows. Anyways, she goes through a ton of water and she pees like a flippin’ racehorse. She was returned because they had to empty the litterbox every day. Seriously. They had to empty a litterbox everyday and THAT made her too much work. *eyeroll*

Anyhoo, Fred is the black and white kitty in the middle. We got him last year. He was weaned too soon, he had tons of eyegunk, a serious respiratory infection (that I’m pretty sure destroyed his sense of smell), and wasn’t in good shape at all. I nursed him back to health, watched in amused frustration as he destroyed my curtains, and…he developed kidney stones outta the blue. So he goes through a ton of water and pees a lot too. (We’re trying to diet the stones out of him before we move on to the harder stuff, since a lot of times it is related to their food.)

So, between the three of them… we were spending upwards of $60.00 a month ON LITTER (using the refillable pay per pound litter from the local pet shop), with 2 litterboxes, emptying them daily, and still feeling like we were barely keeping on top of it. Which for us is a lot of money.

I started doing research of cat litter, and the alternatives that were out there. I don’t even remember what particular combination of words I fed into Google (something along the lines of “cat litter for cats who pee constantly”) but I ended up reading about this box that had been created specifically for cats who had diabetes and/or kidney problems. Where their urine had to be tested frequently.

The whole idea behind it is, you use this non-clumpable stuff called Safflower Seed (it really is seeds) in this special litterbox. When the cats pee, it goes straight over the safflower seed, and gets funneled down into this little closed container that has a hole at one end.  When they poop, it just sits in the seed and you scoop it out.  Its supposed to be a basically “zero-waste” litter, which is a great thing because do you realize how much litter gets put in landfills every year? Try around TWO MILLION TONS! The poop can just be flushed down the toilet, or bagged up and thrown out in the trash.

Here’s the cool thing, though. The little enclosed container that the pee goes into? No seed gets in it. You literally just pop it out, take it to your toilet, empty it into the potty, flush, and put it back in. That’s it.

Freakin’ godsend!


Poop stinks. Like, seriously. Cat poop REEKS. Because this is just a seed, it doesn’t absorb odors or anything, so after your cat takes a dump, you’re gonna smell it for a few minutes. Get used to it.

Every couple weeks, you wanna spray the seed with a MILD bleach solution to keep it smelling fresh.

If you have more than one kitty, you’re going to end up still dealing with the litterbox every day. However, when its merely a matter of taking 3 minutes to flush the contents of the urine container down your toilet, and do a couple poop scoops, its not that big of a deal.

It tracks. Not a lot, but every other day, I make it a point to just sweep around the cat boxes and throw away the little seeds that get tracked out.

The initial ‘kit’ for the Smart Cat Box is expensive. Its about $50.00 and $12.00 shipping. But it pays for itself so quick!

You still do have to replace the litter but…You replace/top off the litter about once a month if not less. Its 11 bucks or so for a 5 lb bag, which is not bad at all.  (As you can see, compared to the 50 bucks or so it saves us a month, we don’t mind 11 bucks a month.)

You aren’t contributing massive amounts to the landfill anymore.

So, yeah, even if your cat(s) don’t have kidney problems and you’re just environment conscious, its still a good choice.

If your cats have diabetes or kidney problems? Its a GREAT choice.

We’ve been using it for over a year now, and you couldn’t pay us to go back to regular litter. (Well, if you paid enough, maybe, but…you get the point.)

Annnnnnyways… there’s the litter on the left, the Smart Cat Box on the right.



Do your research, but this is one of those things I’m recommending because I’ve consistently used it for a long time, and have no doubt its a great thing which is well worth the money. I have not been asked to advertise this. I’m doing it because its just that awesome.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the Amazon page for them.

So, my PSA about your kitty litter in a nutshell: This makes more sense, is more friendly to your wallet and to the economy, and more people who have cats with kidney issues and/or diabetes need to know about it. (NO stores around me carry this. NONE. And when I ask about it, they look at me in complete slack-jawed confusion.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


10 thoughts on “A PSA about your kitty litter

  1. Webster (our cat) has frequent urinary tract infections (which thankfully have gotten much less frequent with diet change), but when he gets one we have to get urine samples. Except he refuses to pee at the vet’s office. He held himself for four days once before they finally used a needle and extracted it straight from his bladder. This system sounds WAY more efficient than a Webster-vs.-vet standoff for getting the urine sample.

    1. I wish I could get pretty much everybody to switch to it. I mean, there are biodegradable cat litters out there, but this is still the cheapest option over time and its just seeds. You know without a doubt what you’re using.

  2. This sounds so amazing! I have three cats at home and one of them actually have bladder problems and have trouble peeing (which is the opposite from your cat!) and the other’s poos stink terribly. Dunno if these are available in my country, but I’ll definitely check it out! 😊

        1. I’m that person that if I see someone buying a huge amount of kitty litter while I’m at the store – will stop them and tell them about this. LOL. If it makes me *willingly* interact with people, I know its good. hahahah.

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