Three Things Worth Reading This Sunday

1.) Confessions of a Book Addict had a great, thought-inspiring post with just the right touch of scolding regarding Shipbaiting in YA and Respecting Authors. Head over there, check it out, and leave your two cents.

Personally, I was completely unaware of the drama that started it all, but I tend to not get that involving in the YA world. And things like this make me glad. Because, really, people? Didn’t your mommas teach you better than that? Don’t you have any decency in you at all? If you don’t like what an author has done in a book, then you find another book to read. Plain and simple. This behavior – sending mean letters/comments, etc, to the author is not okay. And just to clarify here: I don’t even like the Throne of Glass series!

So, yeah, shame on all the ones who think that harassing an author is okay. Y’all are fifty shades of ridiculous.

2.) I recently read a good article from Young Idealism on Being an “Ally” that I would love for you all to read, too.

I knew a good bit of this, but I know others don’t. Its worth the read, especially since its very clearly laid out. I think that people want to be helpful, and they want to see progress made in the support of the LGBTQ+ communities, but they do get overwhelmed with their own self-importance. Remember, when you’re standing up for someone else’s rights, its never ever ever about you. Its always about them. Support without self-aggrandizing.

3.) And… The 2016 Hugo Awards, Sad Puppies, and thoughts about all that. The Digital Reader gave a non-scathing look at the Sad Puppies and how they’ve influenced the 2016 Hugo Awards. I don’t know if I agree or disagree with it.  I need to look further into the Hugo Awards, and I’ll admit it. I knew very little about the nomination process.

Bonus: Scalzi’s scathing commentary on it all.

So, there’s my Three Things Worth Reading this Sunday. What are yours?





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4 Responses to Three Things Worth Reading This Sunday

  1. Rosie Amber says:

    Great feature, think I’ve been living under a rock this week, didn’t know about any of it.

  2. Brian Bixby says:

    Catching up, both on your blog and on the news. Probably the saddest part of the Puppy story is that those two groups have both been trying to LIMIT what is award-worthy in sci fi, which is pretty much the opposite point of the whole field.

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