5 Blogging Lessons Learned – Quick Read!

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Here’s 5 Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned This Year

  1. Use custom permalinks from the beginning.
    1. Not listing the dates in your URLs for posts means the content looks ‘fresher’, amongst other things. If you do decide to change to permalinks after you’ve already got stuff posted (and you’re moving to self-hosting or whatnot) allllllllll those links will break. Trust me. I know. *sigh*
  2. Short URLS are good URLS.
    1. When you’re sharing things on Twitter, you only have 140 characters. Do you really want a huge chunk of that taken up by a long url? Jetpack has a plugin for short wp short urls. You can also enable short URLs in your wordpress.com, I believe (if it’s not done automatically.)
      1. Need proof? What looks better:  www.fredandgeorge.com/3/14/01/my-review-of-whizzers/ or www.fredandgeorge.com/whizzers-review/ ? Or even better for Twitter, with short urls enabled, wp.me/Wh1zRs.
  3. Don’t make your site pull images from other sites, if possible. (Ie: Right-clicking and ‘copy image’ on a Goodreads book cover, then pasting it into your post.)
    1. That adds up over time, and can also slow your site down. Plus, if the link breaks for any reason, you’re screwed. Just make sure if you’re downloading an image to use it in your posts that you give credit and such as necessary.
  4. Smush your images!
    1.  Images in a non-compressed form can make your pages load slowly. Plus, if you’re on a free wordpress.com account, you have a limited media storage anyways. So why not make the best of it? I recommend www.tinypng.com. It’s ridiculously simple to use and can reduce the size of your images by half at times.
  5. Find a format you like as early as possible, and stick with it. 
    1. This is especially true if you’re as obsessive as I am, and find yourself needing to go back through and re-format every applicable post to match!!