2017 Horror Reading Challenge – Final Call!

Well, folks, it’s time to report in for the last time for our 2017 Horror Reading Challenge. Participation wasn’t as good as we’d hoped, but I know a few of you chugged along until the very end!

Now’s the time to give your final reports and pat yourselves on the back!

How did everyone do reading horror this year??

If you kept a Goodreads shelf, go ahead and give as a link to it. If you kept some other form of record online, link us to that too! We want to see what you read 🙂

 Nervous Neophytes: You signed up to read up to 7 books






  Intrepid Initiates: You signed up to read 8 – 15 books 





  Omniscient Oracles: You’ve signed up to read 20 – 25 books





Any final thoughts on your participation in the horror challenge? What was the best horror book you read this year? What was the worst?

Talk to us!

10 thoughts on “2017 Horror Reading Challenge – Final Call!

  1. I signed up and read some horror books, but not as much as I wanted to. And I forgot to do the check-ins too. I’m not great at the checking-in part of challenges. I just sign up and go at my own pace. Sorry the participation wasn’t so great.

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